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Godspell Good news, Godspell, Glad Tidings, these are all translations of the Greek word used to describe the four books of the New Testament. This word had some special meaning to those who heard it. They did not read it. If anything, it was read to them. And it was not in the form of […]

The Amazing Gospels

The Amazing Gospels This coming Wednesday we begin a new series in our Connect Group. Actually, by popular demand, we will begin looking into the Gospels. As I have mentioned several times, the Lord kept me in the gospels for cycles before releasing me to read or study further.  What I found was the teachings […]

Weather Wars

Weather Wars Winter is here with a vengeance. I do not think I have experienced a winter where there is such a roller coaster of a temperature ride. We have just experienced arctic temperatures that are dangerous. Then we race into the 50’s with a warming trend. We had snow last week which was 3 […]

Sudden Life Change

Sudden Life Change Last Sunday was very weird for me. Not having church threw my whole sense of what day it is off. I kept thinking it was Monday. It messed up my normal routine. I missed the fellowship, the worship, the after church chats, going to lunch with someone, and my afternoon nap after […]

Go For the Rebound

GO FOR THE REBOUND Pastor Doug Duble sent these quotes out to his church in Columbus. He, most often, sends his thoughts along to me as well. Often quoted too is falling down is not defeat unless you refuse to get up. Quitting is when you are defeated. Just as Duane was speaking last week […]


Transitions Transitions are not easy, but they are necessary. Life has a number of them. We transition from being an infant to a toddler. Bumps and bruises happen as we learn to walk and navigate. While we are struggling getting from one point to another, mom and dad are cheering us on. We transition from […]

2019 Peace and Joy

2019 Peace and Joy 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds comprise one year. Broken into these pieces it becomes a mathematical item, but it is the moments of our lives. We are breathing, heart pumping, thinking, and so many actions going on in the inside of our bodies without […]

Looking For Peace

Looking For Peace Here we are at the last Sunday of 2018. It seems years go by rather rapidly. The world is filled with turmoil, anger, strife, hatred. We are bombarded daily with negativity through the media and other sources. When Jesus said that he would leave us with peace, his peace, he introduced something […]


THE WONDER OF IT ALL Remember the excitement, the anticipation, the sleeplessness? Remember Christmas being the moment of high excitement. You went to bed with a tree in the living room lit up with colorful lights, tinsel, and ornaments. That alone was beautiful, but what happened in the morning was spectacular. As you came into […]

Peace on Earth

PEACE ON EARTH We just finished a very fruitful weekend with our Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend. Ralph did an excellent job of teaching, Duane’s contribution was really good, and I enjoyed sharing as well. There were many good questions and numerous comments that were helpful. We had several guests come to the conference. They each […]